Third, the Beothucks were very isolated.

Accused witches who could swim burned alive or rolled from the top of Slieau Whallian in spiked barrels.Fines for drawing blood entered at the end of the 1st Manorial Roll, or rent-roll for each parish, in which women were often sufferers.

 The Russell's Point Beothuk Site, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland William Gilbert

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The Beothuck tribe is one of the only Native American nations with no known survivors.

Perhaps the best way of addressing the question of seasonality at Russell's Point is through the study of faunal remains. Unfortunately, the soil at the site is extremely acid and bone preservation is poor. However, several hundred fragments of calcined bone have been recovered from hearth features and an analysis of this material should allow us to better understand how the site fits into the seasonal round of the early historic Beothuk population of Trinity Bay.

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Shawnadithit (also known as Nance or Nancy April), the last Beothuk (born circa 1800-6 in what is now NL; died 6 June 1829 in St. John’s, NL). Shawnadithit’s record of Beothuk culture continues to shape modern understandings of her people. In 2007, the federal government announced the unveiling of a Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque recognizing Shawnadithit’s importance to Canadian history.

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Shawnadithit was , an who once lived in what is now . With the establishment of more permanent European settlement on their territory in the 18th century, the Beothuk increasingly found themselves forced onto smaller areas of land, where their access to food and traditional resources was reduced. , and other diseases brought by the Europeans to North America, significantly reduced the Beothuk population. So too did conflict. In one noted instance in March 1819, Shawnadithit observed European traders capture her aunt, (also spelled Demasduit), and murder her uncle, Nonosbawsut (or Nonosabusut), at Red Indian Lake, in the western interior of Newfoundland. (See also .)

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We know that there was a substantial Beothuk presence in the bottom of Trinity Bay during the second decade of the 17th century (Gilbert 1990, 1992). However, the question of when Recent Indian people first arrived in this part of the island remains unanswered. Had the bay long been part of their territorial range or was their arrival in the area a recent occurrence perhaps predating Guy's voyage by only a few years?

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Sick and starved, the Beothuk died out in 1829 with the death of Shawnadithit. While some claim that the Beothuk escaped total extinction by marrying into other Indigenous nations, such as the , these theories do not negate the legacy of Shawnadithit as a record keeper of Beothuk history.