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The principles in Scientific method should be used in an orderly manner to answer your questions.

Taylor devised his system and published"Scientific Management" in 1911.

The main elements of the Scientific Management are [1] : "Timestudies Functional or specialized supervision Standardization oftools and implements Standardization of work methods SeparatePlanning function Management by exception principle The use of"slide-rules and similar time-saving devices" Instruction cardsfor workmen Task allocation and large bonus for successfulperformance The use of the 'differential rate' Mnemonic systemsfor classifying products and implements A routing system A moderncosting system etc.

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Scientific method relies on standard procedures to minimize these influences when developing a theory.

"The knowledge obtained fromaccurate time study, for example, is a powerful implement, andcan be used, in one case to promote harmony between workmen andthe management, by gradually educating, training, and leading theworkmen into new and better methods of doing the work, or in theother case, it may be used more or less as a club to drive theworkmen into doing a larger day's work for approximately the samepay that they received in the past." [17] Scientific Study andstandardization were important parts of the ScientificManagement.

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"It is no singleelement , but rather the this whole combination, that constitutesScientific Management, which may be summarized as: Science, notrule of thumb Harmony, not discord Cooperation, not individualismMaximum output in place of restricted output The development ofeach man to his greatest efficiency and prosperity" [24] Much hashappened, since Taylor developed his method of ScientificManagement, to make obsolete the premises on which he based hisconcepts: Lack of education is no longer reason enough toseparate the planning function The balance of power betweenmanagers and the work force has changed.

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Relationship between Taylorismand TQM Taylor's more general summary of the principles ofScientific Management are better suited for inclusion into theTQM methodology, than the narrow definitions.

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Biography: Dr. Taurino Rosa took his Degree in Engineering of Materials in 2005 with a research final year project on the “Development and Characterization of perfluoropolyether hybrids coatings for glass substrates”. In 2008 took the PhD in Nanotechnology at the University of Perugia doing research on the development of Organic-Inorganic hybrid materials by sol-gel process. Her activity is focused on different aspects of the material and environmental science, with particular relief on the valorization of waste in material engineering (new materials and new technologies). She is co-author of more than 28 papers which have been published in international and national scientific journals and she has presented her works at national and international Congresses.

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Biography: Dr Yong Liu has been worked in Wenzhou Medical University since 2009 as the Principal Investigator. He received his PhD degree from University of Wollongong (UOW) in 2007. He was an Associate Fellow in UOW after graduation. He worked as a Postdoctoral Scientist in University of Dayton and Case Western Reserve University during 2008-2009. Dr Liu’s expertise lies across the development of nanoscale devices for multifunctional biomedical applications. He has published 42 papers with total citations >3600 times. His h index is 21. He has received several awards including Qianjiang Distinguished Scholar Award and Scopus Young Researcher Award in China.