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For several centuries, starting roughly with the Renaissance, a single mindset about the construct of the cosmos has dominated scientific thought. This model has brought us untold insights into the nature of the universe, and countless applications that have transformed every aspect of our lives. But this model — failing us now in a myriad of ways — may be reaching the end of its useful life.

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New Science in Everyday Life comprises eight books for classes 1 to 8. The new series conforms fully to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework. This book has been designed for schools teaching a basic course in science at the primary level, and provides various tools for continuous and comprehensive assessment.

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These and similar experiments have befuddled scientists for decades. Some of the greatest physicists have described them as impossible to intuit. How can quantum physics be so impervious to metaphor, visualization, and language? Amazingly, if we accept a life-created reality at face value, it all becomes simple and straightforward to understand.