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More and more people (including Doctors and Scientists) are turning to positive thinking because it is a powerful tool for transforming your inner self into an amazing health generating, and self-healing entity. Optimistic people have discovered that the human mind has the power to turn wishes into reality through positive thinking. Researchers continue to find increasing evidence pointing to the many benefits of positive thinking. According to a Stanford Research Institute study - success is 88 percent positive thinking, and only 12 percent education. Therefore, positive thinking is an important factor in your ability to succeed in life.

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We create our entire world by the way we think. Thoughts are the causes and conditions are the effects. Our circumstances and conditions are not dictated by the world outside; it is the world inside us that creates the outside. Regardless of our circumstances, each person has the innate, God given ability to create or alter reality using the power of positive thinking. Studies show that people who participate in positive thinking lead more successful and happier lives than people who don't.

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I wrote a blog about positive thinking you might enjoy. I think it's pretty consistent with your point of view. Tell me what you think:

You equate blind faith and belief. Only a few of the looniest positive thinkers would believe that Bannister didn't have to train to break the record.

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Researchers continue to explore health benefits that are produced by positive thinking and optimism. For example, positive thinking may help to:

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Many of us know what positive thinking is, but not all of us know how to be positive or how to maintain a positive attitude. Watch what you say - try to say positive things to people, avoid complaining and saying negative statements. In order to turn the mind toward positive thinking, some inner work is required, since attitude and thoughts do not change overnight.

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Positive thinking is a mental attitude that helps us see the "silver lining". Having a positive mindset causes us to anticipate happiness, joy, health, and favorable results. Real and effective positive thinking requires focusing on positive thoughts and positive emotions, and also taking positive action to bring about favorable outcomes.

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The power of positive thinking is about committing yourself to get the most out of your day - every day. It is about being enthusiastic, keeping your mind focused on important things and developing strategies for dealing with problems. Positive thinking can help you to do your best each day. It can also help you to look back at things that happen along the way and view them as positive life lessons. In addition, in sharing positive mood and positive experiences, you and those around you enjoy an emotional boost.

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Positive thinking reduces stress by eliminating negative self-talk which, in turn, can even improve your health. When you share your positive experience, both you and those around you enjoy an emotional boost. So, refuse to waste time participating in negative inner dialogues. Instead, display a more positive emotional and mental attitude toward yourself, other people and situations.