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However, several ministries and state agencies were concerned with protection and management of the environment as part of their function during the period before the civil war.

The environment must be carefully prepared for the child by a knowledgeable and sensitive adult.

The Montessori teacher is herself the indispensable ingredient which makes the prepared environment possible. All of the above elements of the prepared environment are created, ordered, modelled, presented, promoted or guided by the creative and obedient work of a sensitive adult, the teacher/guided who becomes the dynamic link between the child and the environment she has prepared. (Paula Polk Lilliard, ‘Montessori, a Modern Approach’, pp. 50-90).

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The adult must be a participant in the child’s life and growth within the prepared environment.

If the prepared environment is to function in the prescribed way, it must not only contain everything the child needs for his growth and development, but it must also be devoid of all obstacles to his growth (The Absorbent Mind, pp. 227-348).

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The role of the Montessori material is often over-emphasized in relation to the other elements of the prepared environment. The very purpose of the material is often misunderstood. The materials are not “learning devices” in the conventional sense. Neither are thy toys to be played with. They do not have an external aim of developing skills or teaching concepts to children who use them properly. The material has an inner purpose, to assist the child in his own self-construction and in his physical, psychological, intellectual and social development.

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Simplicity of design and fine workmanship are essential qualities of the materials and apparatus used in the classroom. The beautifully crafted, brightly coloured materials invite the child to take them into his hands and to use them. Montessori believed that the need for beauty called forth the child’s power to respond to life. She observed that the aesthetic quality in the objects and in the environment were a “great spur to the activity of the child”, making him redouble his efforts. Montessori also spoke of the teacher as beautiful, clean, neatly dressed and sweet-smelling.

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Children soon learn that this classroom truly belongs to them and they gladly accept responsibility for the orderly care and maintenance of the prepared environment.

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