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This course is for students who have no previous or limited experience with Mandarin Chinese. Students will learn the basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition to the Pinyin Romanization system, the traditional Mandarin Phonetic Symbols are introduced with the four tones. Students will learn to write the basic characters from 214 radicals in correct stroke-order, and learn to use a traditional Chinese dictionary. Students will learn four songs and eight lessons. Basic grammar and sentence structure are introduced. The curriculum addresses cultural topics via movies, projects and other activities, including Chinese food, calligraphy, and field trips. Materials include: Let’s Learn the Mandarin Alphabet, Let’s Learn Chinese Characters through 214 Radicals, Far East Chinese-English Dictionary, as well as a character-practice workbook. Meets 4 times per week.

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After reviewing the concepts of the text, students delve into an investigation of (chapters 28 through 54 in the series). This intensive study virtually completes the textual study of grammar, leaving the succeeding years for literature and grammar study through reading and composition. Further study of key elements of the history and culture during both the Republic and Empire are explored. Various handouts are used and projects assigned throughout the year to reinforce student knowledge in preparation for the National Latin Exam in the spring. While both Latin II and Latin II Honors operate from a similar syllabus, students in Latin II Honors move at a more rigorous pace as they continue a path leading toward study in advanced literature courses in the coming years. Meets 4 times per week.

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After a complete review of grammar from Spanish I, students progress through the structure of the language, including some uses of the subjunctive. The concentration on aural-oral skills continues with focus on oral proficiency. Written work becomes longer and more sophisticated, and reading assignments are used to introduce students to cultural topics as well as more complex language. The inherent goal of the second year language program is preparation for more advanced study in the language, where classes are conducted solely in Spanish. Meets 4 times per week.

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The course includes frequent oral presentations and written assignments. Students continue to hone their speaking and listening skills and improve their reading and writing abilities. Through the reading and discussion of Chinese newspaper and magazine articles, students solidify previously learned grammatical structures and expression. Extensive readings provide the basis for vocabulary-building and class discussion. Selective movies and clips are to be viewed to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and traditions. Materials include Conversational Mandarin Chinese I. Meets 4 times per week.

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The course is designed to provide students with skills for more practical and complex situations, to expand vocabulary, and to improve listening and speaking skills through online and language lab activities. Basic grammar is reviewed, and more complicated structures are introduced. Through extensive practice in speaking and writing, students will improve their ability to express themselves in the language. Basic writing skills are developed and practiced. They are able to write a short essay using Chinese word processing. The curriculum focuses on aspects of Chinese culture that are different from life in the United States. Materials include: Conversational Mandarin Chinese I, Life and Death in Shanghai, and Learn Mandarin through Chinese Children's Songs. Meets 4 times per week.

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