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I said nothing to my wife, and after a tense few hours, my anxiety passed. On our last night in Marrakesh, my iPhone pinged with news of the that November, each alert showing a higher death toll and revealing scarier details as the hostage situation unfolded. As I watched the frustratingly inconclusive BBC footage, I was overcome with an acute homesickness. I couldn’t articulate why; I just had a feeling I would be safer at home, back in New York, of all places. News that one of the attackers was of Moroccan descent only amplified my worry. I knew the attacks in no way made my own situation more perilous — indeed, behavior economists say that a heightened sense of collective fear actually makes us more vigilant and therefore safer — but it was surprisingly saddening to be so far from home when such a terrible scene was unfolding in a completely different part of the world.

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Preventive risk assessment tools, such as road safety audits and inspections, are an effective and essential instrument to help road authorities reduce the number of crashes and casualties.
Risk assessment procedures can typically be applied at successive stages of road planning, design, opening and operations. They all serve the common purpose of identifying risk factors related to road design or traffic control that may lead to crashes, or make crashes more severe. In many cases, they help network road operators and city traffic departments identify engineering weaknesses and hazardous road sections, even in the absence of robust traffic injury data.
In 2015, 82.5% of countries worldwide reported implementing one or more of these procedures, yet over 70% of roads surveyed by the International Road Assessment Program are rated under 2 Stars in a 5 Star Rating System across at least one user category. These figures suggest a startling disconnect between the theoretical merits of road infrastructure safety management and the actual results experienced by countless road users every day.
As a global leader in road safety, the International Road Federation (IRF) is well positioned to present state of the art methodologies and cutting edge technologies that have been field tested to reduce traffic injury risk through auditing & inspections. Workshop attendees will receive the necessary theoretical background and applied practices, with specific application to the roads and highways of roads, to ensure their risk identification programs are effective and impactful.

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In fact, students are internally driven by the needs built into their genetic code, and they behave in a never-ending quest to satisfy the universal needs to connect, be powerful, make choices, and have fun in a safe, secure environment. Our success as teachers is largely determined by how effective we are at creating learning environments where students can meet their needs by immersing themselves in the academic tasks we provide. (Sullo, 2009, Ch. 3, Basic Needs section)

Road Safety Week 2017 - 11th January to the 17th January

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The Fellows will learn to use a variety of data to demonstrate how road safety A 500-word essay detailing their motivation and goals for seeking the fellowship.
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Road Safety Essay 500 Words Essays and Research Road Safety Essay 500 Words. Essay on Road Safety Road accidents have been and will continue.
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Per Kratochwill (n.d., Introduction section), "Although there is no agreed-upon definition of classroom management, the framework offered by Evertson and Weinstein (2006) represents a current and widely accepted view. According to Evertson and Weinstein, classroom management has two distinct purposes: “It not only seeks to establish and sustain an orderly environment so students can engage in meaningful academic learning, it also aims to enhance student social and moral growth” (p. 4). It's more than organizing the physical space for student safety and easy access to materials. It's more than deciding how you will manage classroom procedures, instructional groups and student behavior. It means creating a classroom environment of respect and rapport, and a culture for learning (Danielson, 2007, ch. 1).