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With the evolution of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, text messaging, instant messaging, e-mails, blogs, and other websites and technologies, youth are communicating in a significantly different way than past generations.

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To recap, life changes by time in all aspect (This doesn't seem so right to me in terms of English. I think you can say something like this: Life has changed drastically throughout the time in every aspects);(lifestyle) style, impact of technology and learning methods( you need coma here instead of period) (,) While each stage has its own benefits and drawbacks. Hence, it is better to enjoy the benefits to the (maximum. because it's formal writing you shouldn't like the way you talk especially for TOEFL test) and try to fix the drawback as much as we can to form a brighter future for the next generations.

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Frank Conroy’s essay “My Generation”, Conroy explains on how and why his generation got the name “Silent Generation”.

Moreover, using the advanced technology flips our life. For sure, it makes our life a piece of cake but it turns it to be so tough. For example, using the internet saves time and effort but unfortunately, it conducts the friendship relation in just a click on a button! You can visit your ill uncle with just an electronic mail, what a hard feeling! Also it turns us to be lazier and couldn’t pay much attention to the real interaction with people. We always invent machines and technology in order to save much time to invent other machines. We are not able to entertain our life alike our parents were. The life turns to be faster and faster. This makes the life of the future generation gets harder and harder.

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In Addition, the methods that our parents used in education are totally different from ours nowadays. In past, our parents used to go to schools and receive face to face interaction from their teacher. As a result(,) this didn’t only (enhanced) their quality of knowledge (,) but also it added a lot to their soft and communication skills. Currently, we have e-learning that means we can learn whatever and wherever we want. No longer need to go to schools or meet teachers (in person)! We can learn (while we are in remote areas). This may give us the same knowledge level; however we missed a lot from the real interaction between a student and a teacher. In future(,) I think our children will have massive amount of knowledge with lack of Interpersonal communication) in their life.

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The Beat Generation was one of the first groups of writers to break down the barriers of traditional literature and set a precedent for future writers with their writing style, their way of life, and by the messages they portrayed....

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Day by Day, our life is changing leads to a gap between parents and their children. If they couldn’t overcome these changes, they may miss understanding. For me, my life is totally different about what it was with my parents in terms of the life-style itself, available educational methods and the impact of advanced technology on our life.

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The beat generation was particularly remarkable because although it was began by an exceptionally small group of people, its cultural influence was enormous....