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There is no doubt in any cancer doctor’s mind that there are many women who would go on to develop invasive breast cancer, and perhaps die of that disease, if their DCIS had not been treated. But there are also women who would never go on to develop invasive breast cancer. Why do some cases progress and others don’t? In some women, the biology of the disease is such that it might never progress to something more aggressive. In other women, perhaps they died of other causes before the lesion had the chance to progress. So while we know that we are likely over-treating DCIS, it is very difficult to identify which patients might not need treatment. The simple fact of the matter is that there is a lot about DCIS, who to treat and when, that we just do not know, at least not yet. We can make educated guesses – there are certain features that are more worrisome than others – but we still can’t reliably tell a patient that if we don’t treat your DCIS, it definitely will or will not turn into invasive cancer.

Friendship between Men and Women Essay

A lot of my friends/colleagues, male and female, are homosexual. Is it safe to assume that Jennica's 1,2,3 guidelines would give me leave to have that active connection to a gay male friend? Not spending time w/ (straight) male friends because of the danger that I'm secretly inappropriately attracted to them (because they happen to be friendly and male) would, I think, be like refusing to hang out w/ my lesbian friends because I'm afraid they'd be attracted to me (because I happen to be friendly and female). Perhaps not an appropriate analogy, but that's just how it seems to me. Just because someone is of the opposite sex (or likes people of my sex) does not mean infatuation is right around the corner. The world is full of so many interesting opportunities for friendship and professional development. Fortunately, friendship and work can often go together. I'm not about to stunt the connections I can make just because I'm married. I don't think these connections impinge on the health of my marriage. The nature of my work has me out at night downtown a few nights a week. My number one choice date is always my husband, but if he can't come (as he often can't), I'll bring a friend - man or woman! (Sorry this reply is so long1)

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Jennica's points about male/female friendships also remind me of another emotional pitfall that is most commonly applied to premarital relationships/betrothals, and this is the idea that the external and internal progression of a human relationship can and should be ordered and controlled according to some kind of prescription that applies to everyone
(we're always bombarded by lessons on what's "orderly" and what's not). A couple's journey to marriage should not be according to predetermined recipe of sentiments, actions, or gifts. Likewise, I don't think you should categorize friendships (deeming some appropriate and criticizing others) according to a typed list of qualities/habits/inclinations.