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=> Bottom-Up Fundamental processes which tend to rely solely on the one-to-one meaning relation (i.e., Iconic). (An example of this would be a child trying to memorize meanings of individual lexical items on a definition basis only--i.e., without collocation properties or context.) An Item is analyzed in isolation of its context+. Top-Down More advances processes that activate several specific types of information stored in memory in the form of contextual or experiential facts about the world. Adult L2 learners have vast amounts of Top-down capacities that can help in L2 learning. This clearly is not the case for L1 child language acquisition where any top-down material would come by way of innate knowledge (The LAD). 2.3 Skills
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(2000) Second Language Acquisition Theory and the Truth(s) about Relativity.

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My 20 years' of experience as an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor helped me to understand the difficulties that new international students face in terms of academic expectations and culture shock (I had gone through a similar experience when I moved to Hong Kong several years before). For example, it was not uncommon to have students arrive here in Canada on the weekend, and then be sitting in my classroom Monday morning. I could always sense their level of anxiety those first few weeks and felt that what they needed was someone who cared about them first as people, and then take an interest in their success as students. This group of eight internationally trained professionals were no different except that time was not on their side. They had spent thousands of dollars to enroll in the program, and set very high expectations for themselves in terms of landing a good job, and being able to stay in Canada.

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Reflecting back, learning about growth mindset and applying it to SLA has been a highlight in my professional career. Although I am no longer a classroom teacher, I continue to talk about growth mindset and second language acquisition at TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) conferences.

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For the past two years, I have been very interested in grit, growth mindset and second language acquisition. I have published an article in Contact (TESL Ontario) and I am very excited to be in Costa Rica in July talking to teachers about growth mindset and SLA. A few weeks ago, Brainology published blog post on their website . You can click on the link to read the post or it is published below.

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Written by Kristi Dean, TLC Corporate Curriculum Often, the question arises concerning the best method, strategy, or process to learn a second language; this is especially the case with learning English. Because the presence of English in the global marketplace has become so widespread in the past few decades, each up-and-coming generation realizes the benefit of studying and learning the language to help them gain a better foothold in many international industries. However, the debate of whether learning English inside the United States is truly more efficient than studying in one’s home country has come to light in the past few years, causing many issues for students. At The Language Company, extensive research has led to the understanding that studying English in the United States has many sound benefits that simply cannot be replicated by learning English in a foreign-language environment (i.e. where English is not the primary language).First, while it is possible to learn the English language in non-English-speaking countries, the extent of an educational experience such as this is quite limited. Research has shown that total immersion into a culture that speaks English as its native language is the most beneficial and expedient way for English language learners to gain the Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) as well as the Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) needed for success in American culture as well as matriculation into an American university and beyond, into a formal career path. The many nuances of the English language simply cannot be fully covered in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) environment as judiciously as they can when learning the language through living with the language on a daily basis.Second, Intensive English Programs (IEPs), such as those at The Language Company, follow a tried and tested curriculum that is in sync with second language acquisition current practices and methodologies. The accreditation process that IEP English as a Second Language (ESL) programs in the United States go through upholds and enforces strict standards in order to sustain a high level of quality across the board, and this ensures that programs serve their clients in an efficient and respectable manner. The Language Company recognizes that this is not an inexpensive venture on the part of students, their sponsors, and their families; that is why, along with working to preserve a top-rate quality in our programs, we operate on an intense 4-week session calendar, with many of our students entering and succeeding in U.S. universities in as little as nine months. This ensures our students the highest quality English-language education in the most succinct time-frame possible. Furthermore, there are a number of colleges and universities across the nation who accept an Intensive English Program Level-9 completion from The Language Company centers for admission into both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Unfortunately, there is little chance of a program in a non-English-speaking country delivering the same caliber of instruction in such a short amount of time, even when eliminating the immersion aspect from the debate. The Language Company is confident that students can receive the best English-language instruction in the most expedient way possible by studying in the United States, and this makes for a smooth transition into the rigors of American universities as well as the global marketplace. responses