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• Breast Cancer: The idea of breast cancer may not have even crossed your mind yet, but when you get older and need mammograms, implants interfere with being able to detect cancer early. Even the best will miss up to half of the breast area where cancer can grow, because it will be hidden by the implants.

no 1 (Jan 2002) P 40-45Saline Breast Implants Stay on Market as Experts Warn about Risks.

"We need to be able to tell women considering breast implants--whether for augmentation or reconstruction--the specific risks on which they can base their decision," she says.

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The risks of breast implants include pain, breakage, leakage, and links to many other diseases.

FDA considers saline-filled implants less risky, because although they have the same silicone rubber envelope as gel-filled implants, leakage or rupture would release only salt water, not silicone gel, into the body.

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Almost every teenage girl is concerned with her looks, and that is obviously the reason some get implants. If breast implants gave every girl beautiful breasts for the rest of her life, that might seem like a good idea. However, augmented breasts that look natural at first, can change and look and feel much less natural and less attractive in just a few months or years. We’ve heard from celebrities who were embarrassed to be hugged because their breasts were so hard.

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"Women considering saline implants should ask their doctor for a copy of the manufacturer's information sheet, a copy of the product insert sheet for the specific implant to be used, and a copy of the hospital informed consent form," says Barbara Stellar, FDA's breast implant information and outreach coordinator.

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Saline implants will stay on the market while the studies are conducted, but the companies must report the laboratory, animal and clinical data in stages, and must provide written information on the known and possible risks of their products.

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Health insurance will not cover breast augmentation, and usually will not pay the cost of medical care if you have problems that need to be fixed. Even if your implant breaks or is causing an allergic reaction, health insurance probably will not pay the cost of medical care. You will either have to ask your parents to pay to fix or replace the implants, or take out a loan yourself to cover the costs.