Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Joining A Sorority Or A Fraternity

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A true friend will understand and respect your decision to refrain from joining their sorority.

Having a big sister on campus your first semester can be the biggest blessing as a freshman. Your Big is there to show you the ropes of college and sorority life, help you in any way she can, pick you up when you need someone there and do all the things a big sister would do. She is ~your person~ while you are in college and the bond you have with your Big is something unique and special that makes your first semester that much more memorable.

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As the number of students entering colleges and universities grow, the influence and pressure to join fraternities and sororities grow as well.

First, I am going to start with the history of Sororities, then I am going to write about how important it communication is during what sororities call the pledge process....

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When you join a sorority you become a part of a national organization and the philanthropies that come with it both nationally and locally. One of the greatest parts of being in a sorority is the difference you can make even as a freshman! You can join organizations, participate in philanthropy events, and even volunteer to lead projects. No matter how you do it, by joining a sorority your first semester you will be making a difference and helping others.

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Any college student will tell you... the best stuff is free stuff and when you join a sorority your first month you are drowning in free stuff. Your sisters will take you out to dinner, get a coffee, go on trips, and you'll get cute little knick-knacks that have your sorority all over them. Oh, and the T-Shirts. So. Many. T-Shirts. Your closet will be overflowing with your sorority t-shirts, especially after Big-Little reveal.

Why did you join a fraternity or sorority?

College is a time when you can step out of your comfort zone and explore new activities and challenges. One way to do this is by applying for leadership positions and challenging yourself with the actives you are passionate about. These opportunities are abundant in sororities with chances to apply for Junior Panhellenic, run for executive positions for your sophomore year, volunteer to lead philanthropy events and activities and so much more. The chances to step up and lead your pledge class are endless, especially your first semester when so many positions are available.

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For those who do not know much about Greek Life, or the process that one goes through to become affiliated with this system, there is first a week called “rush week,” where fraternities and sororities host parties in attempt to cajole stud...