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The Arctic Gate offshore oil loading terminal, which is located in Ob Bay, is also unique. It is designed to operate under extreme conditions, as temperatures in the region can drop below minus 50 degrees Celsius and ice can grow over two meters thick. The terminal has a two-tier protection system and complies with the most stringent requirements for industrial safety and environmental protection. The terminal’s equipment is fully automated and safely protected from hydraulic shocks. A special system allows for prompt undocking without depressurizing the units undergoing disconnection. The zero discharge technology prevents foreign substances from getting into Ob Bay, which is of paramount importance to the preservation of the Arctic environment. Moreover, the subsea pipeline that connects the terminal to the coastal tank battery is protected with an additional concrete shell.

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From 1981 to 1987 she worked at various affiliates of the company in Douala (Cameroun) Rio (Brazil) Luanda (Angola) and Pau (France) as drilling supervisor (offshore) drilling supervisor (deep offshore) drilling engineer and subsea specialist respectively.

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In all his roles in Lead positions within Commercial and Operations disciplines, Anthony has played a key role in driving growth and margin expansion across several oil and gas related businesses. Mr Anthony Okolo is a Lawyer by profession and has held many senior and management positions within the services sector of the oil and gas industry. During his work experience, he has worked on projects in the North Sea and the Gulf of Guinea. He has handled a wide range of drilling and production service portfolios with large volume contracts in excess of $250 million USD.