. It's because he got himself a great parole officer.

Furthermore, parole officers often begin their work before the offender is released. It's their job to create a plan for the parolee to facilitate a smooth transition from prison to the outside world. This plan includes assisting the parolee by finding a place for them to live, securing their employment, finding a school and helping the offender obtain welfare benefits.

The Probation department is apart of the corrections branch of Criminal Justice.

In addition to full time, nonworking students, students with a steady source of income also had difficulty managing their time between studying, work, and preparing food to maintain a balanced diet....

There are also different types of parole officers.

For the better part of the day, I spent time with Pat, the Victims Information Coordinator.

They may check up on a parolee at their place of business, at home, or at their family's house. Or even at the library, if they suspect that's where the parolee is spending a majority of his time. Hey, maybe the guy was arrested for failing to pay overdue book fees, you don't know.

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The first important question that I asked was "what is your agencies primary mission?" Officer replied, "Our primary mission here in Probation is to promote and improve public safety, guarantee victims' rights, and assist the positive behavior change of adult and juvenile probationers." The probation departments' most important issue to date is size....

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By not having to check in on the offenders as much, because at any time we can hit a button and know exactly where they are, or be notified instantly when they are somewhere they shouldn’t be, it would be a lot easier on probation and parole officers....

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Probations and Parole is such a great use to the U.S because it has good alternatives, keeps people out of trouble, and sometimes changes people lifestyle....