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Overall, Elizabeth is a blameless victim. The only sin we see her commit is when she lies in court, saying that John and Abigail's affair never happened. This is supposedly the only time she's ever lied in her life. Unfortunately, this is really bad timing. Though she lies in an attempt to protect her husband, it actually ends up damning him.

After she’s spent a few months alone in prison, Elizabeth comes to her own realization: she was a cold wife, and it was because she didn’t love herself that she was unable to receive her husband’s love. She comes to believe that it is her coldness that led to John's affair with Abigail:

One character that stands out and makes a spiritual growth is Elizabeth Proctor.

This realization helps Elizabeth forgive her husband, and relinquishing her anger seems to bring her a measure of personal peace. Elizabeth's noblest act comes in the end when she helps the tortured John Proctor forgive himself just before his death.

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It’s almost dark.”(47) Elizabeth is still questioning John’s faith after he broke her trust with an intimate relationship with Abigail (the Proctors ex house servant)....

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The central character in Salem is John Proctor, an outspoken, successful, and well-respected farmer who chooses to maintain a certain distance from the church.

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In this essay I am going to examine the affair between Abigail Williams and John Proctor, and what effect this as on his relationship with his wife Elizabeth....

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The Crucible In this essay I will talk about how John Proctor changed throughout the storyline from mistreating his wife by cheating on her while she was ill with Abigail, to someone who took the blame so no one else got in trouble.

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John Proctor has a dark secret, He possesses a major flaw he has had an affair with Abigail Williams, and eventually he realizes what he has done to Elizabeth, He has committed adultery against his wife....

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After an extended period of time Elizabeth Proctor began to suspect that something was going on between the two that should not be going on between them.

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We are told that, prior to the beginning of the play, John Proctor and Abigail Williams, his previous house servant, had an affair behind the back of Elizabeth Proctor, John's wife.

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One of the girls has an infatuation with John Proctor, a married man, and her determination to get rid of his innocent wife, Elizabeth fuels the hysteria....