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Collaboration approach depends on collaborative style in learning and teaching and it can be used not only to convey the content, but also to reinforce learning activities. Moreover, this method can be used to examine the teacher knowledge, and intercultural approach considers as model of collaboration approach. Johnson and Johnson (1989), Roger and Johnson (1999) stated that the main aim for collaborative approach is the teacher, in order to work in collaborative way with peers, to improve the professional development class room instruction, and learning out comes from their English language as second language learners.

Many countries chose English as a second language; and Vietnam is one of them.

Language study dose not mean only the memorization of vocabulary and sentence structures with fair of pronunciation. But, it means more extensive than that. According to Freeman and Freeman (2004) stated that the written explanation of the components of language which one needs to know in order to teach language. In other words, the linguistic components for the learners and the teachers need to delve into are syntax (sentence structure), phonology (sound system), lexicon (vocabulary), semantics (meaning), and pragmatics (usage). In fact, language learning is not only linguistic components. But it also has several sociolinguistic and psychological reasons, which can effect on the way that the learners learn second language.

at teaching English as a foreign language to students ..

English lessons seem to be their solely exposure to this target language....

And therefore, the students in second category can access easily in quality education. While, the students in first category can score good marks in the exams that they had conducted and that proves that they have good writing skill in English language. But, they are weak in oral English communication. And so, they need training program in oral communication and it should be framed in pre-schooling.

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Her family has been stationed where the school she will attend instructs over 100 hundred English as a Second Language students by three specialized teachers and a competent faculty....

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Various writers of the eighteenth century were alarmed at the fact that there was no standard for the English language, since there was no standard it could easily become extinct.

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Nervously standing before the American flag, she anticipates trouble understanding the teacher, hopes for just one new friend, and speaks English as a second language.