The true definition of fairness is:

An example of comparing honor and fairness or otherwise, justice would be a police officer arresting a murderer stating that justice has been made or otherwise bringing someone in for their wrongdoing and keeping the threat out of society.

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Rawls articulates the first principle of the modern institution as being “justice as fairness”, focused predominately on distribution of basic social goods, such as rights, products, duties, and freedoms, without stipulations on what or how one should go about sing them....

Fairness and equality are not synonymous.

Fairness would dictate that the family would receive a disproportionateamount of the donated funds.

The classic work inmoral development conducted by Laurence Kohlberg at Harvard Universityindicates that children, in their initial stages of moral development,define "fairness" thusly:

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The juggling of "fairness"and "equality" presents a never-ending conundrum forparents, and few of us realize that these concepts are not fact, they are often total opposites.

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What responsibility do we have when we see someone being treated unfairly? What does our response to unfairness to others have to do with our character?

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In the video one boy said kids were too young to really understand fairness. Do you think it's true that you don't really understand what "fair" is because you are too young?

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Michael used a passion of his to make a difference. What role do you think passion plays in making changes in the world that create more fairness?

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Research and write about how the legal system works in a democracy. How does this system attempt to administer justice or fairness? What elements of the system work to achieve that fairness?

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Find opportunities to become involved in activities and issues relating to fairness and justice at our and pages. Have each member of a group choose a non-profit listed and research what the mission statement is of that organization. How does that mission try to make things more fair or just?