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As review of the literature overview given above reveals, the fouressays included in this section provide only a glimpse of thepositions advocated by ecofeminists. Still, together they raiseissues across all eight categories of woman-nature connectionsthat were identified above. Their inclusion here provides a sample ofthe philosophically relevant contributions ecofeminist historians,sociologists, and philosophers have made to ecofeminist andenvironmental philosophy.

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Some theorists focus on language, particularly the symbolicconnections between sexist and naturist language, i.e., language thatinferiorizes women and nonhuman nature by naturalizing women andfeminizing nature. For example, there are concerns about whethersex-gendered language used to describe "Mother Nature" is, inYnestra King's words, "potentially liberating or simply a rationalefor the continued subordination of women" (Y. King 1981). There areconcerns about connections between the languages used to describewomen, nature, and nuclear weaponry (see Cahn 1989; Strange 1989).Women are often describe in animal terms (e.g., as cows, foxes,chicks, serpents, bitches, beavers, old bats, pussycats, cats,bird-brains, hare-brains). Nature is often described infemale and sexual terms: nature is raped, mastered, conquered,controlled, mined. Her "secrets" are "penetrated" and her "womb" isput into the services of the "man of science." "Virgin timber" isfelled, cut down. "Fertile soil" is tilled and land that lies"fallow" is "barren," useless. The claim is that language that sofeminizes nature and naturalizes women describes, reflects, andperpetuates the domination and inferiorization of both by failing tosee the extent to which the twin dominations of women and nature(including animals) are, in fact, culturally (and not merelyfiguratively) analogous. The development of theory and praxis infeminism and environmental philosophy that does not perpetuate suchsexist-naturist language and the power over systems ofdomination they reinforce is, therefore, a goal of ecofeminism.