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Commissioned by Tate, the brief for this 5,000-word catalogue essay for a major retrospective of the painter Francis Bacon was to expand Walsh’s research into the artist Nigel Henderson. Through this, she was the first to identify and discuss the close, but previously unknown, friendship between Henderson and Bacon. This relationship came to light through Walsh’s research into archival material held by the Henderson Estate and unpublished material she held from an interview she conducted with the art critic David Sylvester.

it needs to be in the third person.Francis Bacon discusses the benefits of studying.

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Stephen A. McKnight, "Francis Bacon’s God," The New Atlantis, Number 10, Fall 2005, pp. 73-100.

Students who are familiar with the history of cognitive psychology will at once see the connection of Humboldt’s view of language with Immanuel Kant’s philosophy of mind. Kant in his enormously influential (1781) had explained that the human mind is not merely a “blank slate” upon which the objective world makes its impressions, but an organ which actively organizes the world according to categories. Robert H. Robins in his explains how Humboldt applied this concept to language:

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The Coalition's "Declaration of Reasonable Doubt" doesn't claim to know who wrote Shakespeare's plays, but it asks that the question "should, henceforth, be regarded in academia as a legitimate issue for research and publication." Hoping to start the trend is William Leahy, head of English at Brunel University who, later this month, will teach the first ever M.A. course dedicated to the authorship question. "Shakespeare studies already look at his work from so many angles — feminist, post-colonialist, historical," he says. "And I think it's important that the authorship question is one of them." This could be much ado about nothing. Or maybe, one day, the truth will out.

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The activities of Solomon’s House have theological as well as scientific dimensions. The study of nature, which brings practical benefits, is also a study of the Creation in order to know the Creator. In addition, the account of the conversion of Bensalem to Christianity makes it clear that the members of Solomon’s House are able to discern the miraculous from the natural.

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Although the writings of Campbell give us little reason to think that he had studied the writings of the ancient Church Fathers, his theological use of the concept developed here seems to be an elaboration of the idea briefly expressed by Tertullian, as quoted above.