The intend of this paper is to illustrate how social prejudice against sexual orientation carries some of the same affects on people as racial and gender inequality.

Along with race and class inequalities, we have gender inequalities.

A significant amount of gender inequality occurs in the workplace, especially in the , where women continue to make less than men for the same work. This form of gender inequality causes income disparity, and frequently results in women, especially single mothers attempting to raise families, being pushed into lower .

From 1919 to today we see a similar trend of gender inequality.

What creates and maintains significant gender inequality when it comes to decision making.

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And although gender jokes are usually taken lightly, and thought of as non-harmful by the person saying them, and possibly the people around them, it can really harm the person you are saying it to.

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Today the main barriers to further progress toward gender equity no longer lie in people’s personal attitudes and relationships. Instead, structural impediments prevent people from acting on their egalitarian values, forcing men and women into personal accommodations and rationalizations that do not reflect their preferences. The gender revolution is not in a stall. It has hit a wall.

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While the other discriminations like economic or social discriminations are present outside the home, but gender discrimination is present outside and inside households.

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Nor have men given up the ideal of gender equity. A at found that 65 percent of the fathers they interviewed felt that mothers and fathers should provide equal amounts of caregiving for their children. And in a , 72 percent of both women and men between 18 and 29 agreed that the best marriage is one in which husband and wife both work and both take care of the house.

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The answer is suggested by the findings of the sociologist Kathleen Gerson in the interviews she did for her 2010 book, “The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work, and Family.” Eighty percent of the women and 70 percent of the men Ms. Gerson interviewed said they wanted an egalitarian relationship that allowed them to share breadwinning and family care. But when asked what they would do if this was not possible, they described a variety of “fallback” positions. While most of the women wanted to continue paid employment, the majority of men said that if they could not achieve their egalitarian ideal they expected their partner to assume primary responsibility for parenting so they could focus on work.