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In January 1918 she was transferred again, this time to Basra, arriving there on the 8th. A week later, on 15 January 1918, while en route to a welcoming dinner party at a place called Mohommerah, the motor launch she was riding in was sliced in two by a steam tug. Sister Alice Welford, two other nurses and a VAD drowned in the Shatt al-Arab waterway south of the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. She was buried there, in Basra, in the Makina Cemetery, Line G, Grave I.G.13.

Alice Welford and her friend E.M. Constable posing in their kit bags. 2010-064-1-1-2

Typical of the collections of essays which have continued tobe issued. The 13 essays in the French edition include Orwell's views onBurnham, literature, death, and "Why I Write." The ten essays in thePenguin collection had been included in and By 1996 this Penguin book had gonethrough 15 printings.

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From 1941 until the Summer 1946 issue Orwell regularly reported on theEnglish scene for the . Altogether he wrote 15"London Letters." was a New York-basedone-time Trotskyite literary and political journal. By the 1940s "for manyreaders," according to co-editor William Phillips, the "servedas a focal point in their attempts to orient themselves in the world of modernart and politics." Orwell, during the 1940s, when the achievedgreat eminence and influence, also contributed articles and reviews. "GhandiIn Mayfair," a tough-minded negative review of by Lionel Felden (published by Secker & Warburg) first appeared in (September, 1943).

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During the first part of 1945, into the summer, Orwell served a stint as acorrespondent (at home and abroad) for and the He also managed to squeeze in other writing, as for examplehis contribution to (designed as "a collection of stories,articles, and pictures for the junior members of the family"). Orwell'sarticle, drawing on his correspondent experiences appeared in initialissue in late 1945. He made no concessions to the age of his readers. editors (who included Andre Deutsch, later an influential, maverick,left-leaning U.K. publisher) correctly assessed Orwell's report as "anattempt to describe the actual state of the world and the immediate problemsthat face us." Orwell, said their preface to his article, "sets out toshow that these problems CAN be solved, but at the same time emphasises thatthere is not much cause for optimism in the world to-day."

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As Orwell wrote in a "note" to the collection,"most of these essays have appeared in print before, and several of themmore than once." "Charles Dickens" and "Boys Weeklies"had been printed in "Boys Weeklies" had alsoappeared in as had "Wells, Hitler, and the WorldState," "The Art of Donald McGill," "Rudyard Kipling,""W~ B. Yeats," and "Raffles and Miss Blandish." The lastalso had appeared in , a New York monthly. The essay on Koestlerhad been written for . "In Defense of P.G. Wodehouse" for . "Benefit of Clergy" should have appeared in the in 1944, but at the last moment the publishers excised the essay fromthe bound copies on "grounds of obscenity." The first edition of (February 14, 1946) was 3,028; the copies quickly sold out; in Mayanother 5,632 copies were published.