President Abraham Lincoln, one of the best-known in American history.

July 1st-3rd, 1863
Over 51,000 casualties
Turning point for Union
On November 19th, 1863 during the dedication ceremony for the National Cemetery of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln gave his famous speech, The Gettysburg Address
Lincoln's purpose was to honor the Union's fallen soldiers, and to remind the nation what they are fighting for...

His attitude was made stronger by the techniques that he used while addressing Gettysburg.

3. Images: The Civil War was one of the earliest wars caught on camera. Students can view some of the war’s images in the slide show and in the . For another way of viewing the Battle of Gettysburg, students can look through two slide shows of this year’s 150th anniversary re-enactments: and

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The The Gettysburg Address full text delivered by President Abraham Lincoln at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery at the scene of the Battle Of. Articles On The Gettysburg Address

A rhetorical analysis of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

In June 1863 Confederate forces under Robert E. Lee moved north in aneffort to win a dramatic victory that would reverse the South's decliningfortunes. On July 1-3, Lee's forces fought the Union army under the commandof George C. Meade, and before the fighting ended, the two sides sufferedmore than 45,000 casualties. Lee, having lost more than a third of hismen, retreated, and the Battle of Gettysburg is considered a turning pointin the American Civil War.

Gollaher also recalled Abraham Lincoln not having a hat.

Few documents in the growth of American democracy are as well knownor as beloved as the prose poem Abraham Lincoln delivered at the dedicationof the military cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

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November 19, 1863 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania President Abraham Trump delivers his famous address Thanks. At an incredible crowd. Ey tell me this is the biggest. Articles On The Gettysburg Address