Globalization can be explained in economic and sociological contexts.

For example, the UN "Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States" in Article 2(1) affirms that "[e]very state has and shall freely exercise full permanent sovereignty, including possession, use and disposal, over all its wealth, natural resources and economic activities." () UN experts have encouraged the use of "ownership" and "property of" for the word "sovereignty." The king or sovereign lord in ancient times likewise had proprietary rights---the right to control and manage his own possession.

Globalization has made crucial changes in the production and trade of goods and services.

Sociologists Martin Albrow and Elizabeth King define globalization as “…all those processes by which the peoples of the world are incorporated into a single world society.”(9) Due to globalization the world seems to have come closer....

Our country, China has been dramatically changed by globalization.

At the heart of globalization is an idea that humans, materials, food etc.

Firstly, the article on globalization by Thomas Erikson will be discussed; where he addresses that globalization is not only part of capital but part of the world, for example the interconnection of communicati...

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The pro-globalization critics argue that the benefits that globalization brings to developing nations surpasses or outcasts the negative impacts caused by globalization and may even go a step further to state that it is the only source of hope for developing nations to prosper and stand...

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Globalisation is a very complex term with various definitions, in business terms, “globalization describes the increasingly global nature of markets, the tendency for transnational businesses to configure their business activities on a worldwide basis, and to co-ordinate and integrate their strategies and operations across national boundaries” (Stonehouse, Campbell, Hamill and Purdie, 2004, p....

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I agree with Romeo Dallaire comment that we should continue with legacies of globalization and it should continue to be embraced in the world around us.

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Dallaire states that all humans should be equal and no one should be placed above one another." If we believe that all humans are humans then how are we going to prove it?" Globalization has also helped to improve many third world countries over the past decade or two....

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Apart from the health concerns, there is something else that globalization has been criticized for, and it is the accusation that it has opened floodgates for restaurants and eateries which are insensitive to the religious beliefs of the host nation.