compare and contrast roman empire to han dynasty

They did not have to pay as many taxes and got to rule or govern their own internal affairs.
Constantine was the emperor credited with with converting the Roman Empire to Christianity and ending the persecution of Christians.
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Barracks Emperors such as Maximinus Thrax (pictured above) violently fought each other for the imperial throne thus causing political instability.
The Yellow Turban Uprising were caused by unsatisfied peasants that were living in poverty as opposed to the luxury the wealthy were living in.
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Model of a typical Roman house.
Jade was highly valued by the Han.

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On the other hand, the rise of the Roman Empire (44 BCE- 476 CE) originated from consolidating authority over aristocratic landlords and overriding the democratic elements of the earlier Republic.

Roman Empire Vs. Han Dynasty Compare and Contrast Essay

What were their achievements? What were the causes of their decline? What is their enduring legacy, if any? How did each influence the development of Western Civilization?
2. Compare and contrast the Roman Empire and its Eastern contemporary, the Han Dynasty, in China. What were their achievements? What were the causes of their decline? What is their