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Daniel Rees was killed by thrown boiling liquid during a faked initiation in which he had to kiss the backsides of the pranksters and submit to other dignitaries. Benjamin Franklin’s reputation was tarnished in The American Mercury when he admitted to laughing at the cruel prank instead of ordering the hazers to desist. The entire tale is told in Hank Nuwer’s forthcoming “Hazing: Destroying Young Lives” (Indiana University, 2018).

Hazing Speaker, Author, and Educator

A non-Cornell bystander accidentally died during a class prank involving deliberate use of chlorine gas. The death of Mrs. Henrietta Jackson is chronicled in an in-depth investigative feature in Hank Nuwer’s 2018 book (Indiana University Press).

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A Hazelton, Pennsylvania High School

First-year student Lloyd Aune of Baldwin, Wisconsin, died a painful death after his spinal cord was severed in a wrestling tussle. According to the Milwaukee Journal (September 18, 1931) Clifford Tweed admitted to being one of those grappling with Aune but denied knowing how the young man suffered a serious spine injury. The Journal noted that the student body voted to end all hazing.

5) 1892Yale University (Connecticut)Delta Kappa Epsilon

David S. Touretzky, a computer-science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has done extensive research on Scientology. (He is not a defector.) He estimates that the coursework alone now costs nearly three hundred thousand dollars, and, with the additional auditing and contributions expected of upper-level members, the cumulative cost of the coursework may exceed half a million dollars. (The church says that there are no fixed fees, adding, “Donations requested for ‘courses’ at Church of Scientology begin at $50 and could never possibly reach the amount suggested.”)

“Well, what is disconnection?” Roberts interjected.

As a lawyer, wakes up every day ready to serve and defend the rights of his clients. Mr. Okin is steadfast in his belief that people should attempt to do more than a single good deed per-day, endorsing a life anchored in activism and centered on service. The winner of the contest will be awarded a scholarship that will enable him or her to pursue educational goals with the ultimate purpose of creating a meaningful life of service to others.

6) 1894Cornell University (New York)Bystander accidental death

George Steinmetz Jr. died from lung disease after being physically hazed. The death was blamed by his mother on hazing, but cited as illness-related by university then-administrators who nonetheless strongly condemned all acts of hazing. His mother became the first known parent of a hazing victim to become an activist.

“Well, what is disconnection?” Roberts said again.

Calvin Dougherty, a highly regarded basketball player from Johnson County, Indiana, died from the after-effects of internal injuries suffered when he slammed into a cable during a race mandated by upperclass students. A newspaper in Franklin, Indiana, followed his recovery, setback, and death in detail. He attended church services in Rocklane, Indiana, and a pastor accompanied the father to attend to his son’s hospital bedside.