An essay or paper on Italy and Italian Food

-John Davis

Sections of Italy
Important manufactured goods include chemicals, clothing, machinery, motor vehicles, processed foods, shoes, and textiles.

Italian American PoliticsPasqua which is Easter is a very big holiday in Italy.

Liberazione celebrations in Italy
Fiorello La Guardia (Right) And John Volpe
Most Italians are, not surprisingly, Roman Catholic.

A Visit to Italy :: Descriptive Essay Examples, Rome, Italy

Most Italian Americans are in fact Roman Catholic.ReligionItalians in general are very close and attached to their towns and families.

Whenever I hear of protests about the Columbus Day holiday—protests that tend to pit Native Americans against Italian Americans, I remember these tragedies that occurred so soon before the first Columbus Day holiday, and I shake my head. President Harrison did not allude to either of these sad episodes in his proclamation of the holiday, but the idea for the holiday involved a vision of an America that would get beyond the prejudice that had led to these deaths. Columbus Day was supposed to recognize the greatness of all of America’s people, but especially Italians and Native Americans.