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Five minutes of glassing brought the animals running over the hill again, but why? "Nobody else huntsthis property" says Jerry. "Look, a coyote!" exclaims Jerry. The antelope surrounded the coyoteand began to kick the hell out of him... I will tell you now that I have yet to see a coyote that can outrun apronghorn! We watched as the coyote bared his teeth with his ears back; tail between his legs. The antelopeharassed him about 7 minutes before he ran over the hill with the antelope not far behind. It was now ornever.. Jerry and I ran to get on top of the hill knowing the buck was on the other side. We came to the crestof the hill and couldn't see a thing until Jerry peeked over the other side of the hill and dropped like hisarms gave out " Tad... that buck is RIGHT BELOW US FEEDING!!" says Jerry. I peer over the hill andall I see is 2 prongs. I cock the hammer on my Virgin Valley Custom Encore in 7mm Lazzeroni Tomahawk and peerthrough the Burris scope as the buck gets wind of us. The next few moments seemed like an eternity....

In this essay I will be putting forward the arguments for and against hunting.

.... Iwent on a solo deer hunting trip up at my mountain cabin in the1987 A-Zone season. I had hunted the early morning and had notseen any deer, so I packed it in until the afternoon hunt. It ishot that time of the year in California's Coastal Range. About6:00PM I tanked up on water because I don't carry a water bottle,and headed up the mountain north of the cabin. At about 300 yardsfrom the top and huffing and puffing pretty well, I sat in theshade of an oak tree for a long rest and to just watch what wasgoing on. The south sides of the mountains are mostly bare withmost of the trees and brush on the north facing slopes.

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In this essay, I am going to provide an argument for the morality of hunting.

OPENING DAY.... Saturday, the early group went out anddidn’t see any bucks in the morning. About 4:00PM, when the threein the late group arrived, I was out hunting and spotted a buckand passed him up. He did not look healthy and his antlers weredeformed. He had a tiny fork on the right side and medium fork onthe left side that still had some dried velvet on it. He sure wasstupid. He stood and looked at me for quite a while. It wouldhave been an easy 75 yard shot. (The next day a "road hunter" gotthis buck with the deformed antlers). About an hour later, Davidin the late group went out hunting and was only out for about 5minutes, when Rich, his dad, jumped 2 deer and they headedstraight to David. A large forked horn with very heavy tines anda 20+ inch spread stopped at 50 yards from David. He made a greatneck shot with his 243 and his hunting season was over. Here isDavid and his deer.

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Now I have to remember everything: Binoculars, hunting chair, shooting sticks, huntingknife, ballistic table, cartridges, hunting licence, licence to have and use rifled weapons, magazine, and ofcourse my "leightweight" rifle on 14 pounds,- including the strap. Now it is time to tell that myhunting area is wery hilly. It is quit prospective that I will be able to find the buck ( IF he is there)in the biggest walley near the wood (about 5 acres), My tactic will be to work from one waley intothe next, always on the bottom, or else the buck would be able to see me. The wind is 3-4 m/sec. and comesfrom southvest,- perfect,- I will be able to use my favorit tactic, in my favorit area, includinghaving the sun behind me, which means that the buck must look right at the sun to see in mydirection. I now began to work very cautious through the small valeys, and after about 20 minutes I standin front of the biggest hill in the area. I have planned to work right up at the hill, but very very slowly ancautious. When my head is just a little bit over the top of the hill I began to use my binoculars verydiligent,- then work 2 meters,- binoculars again,- and so on. After about 20 minutes I was standing right onthe top of the hill, with the sun behind me, and the vind in my face,- and right in front of me thebiggest valey in me hunting area. I havent seen any deers yet niether does or bucks. So I sat down onmy hunting chair, and began to build up a stabel shooting position with the sticks,- testing the use ofthe strap as well. I was not finished about all this fefore I suddenly stiffen,- my eyes had seen somethingred moving slowly at about 350 meters down the walley. I was actually caught in a imbalance, but therewas only one thing to do,- "freeze" - so far I just manage to put up my binoculars,- OHH - a veryfine male fox, he was evidently hunting for mice in the grass.

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Time was about 20.00 when I left my home, to drowe the 4 kilometers up to my huntingarea. There was a familiar smell of mosquito repellant in the car,- not quit pleasant actually, butin Denmark at this time of the year, you have to be well rubbed in mosquito repellant, unless you can acceptto be "attacked" every second. My Sauer 200 TR cal. 6 mm. Remington BR laid on the back seat, and Ihad 3 cartridges in my pocket, with the 70 gr. Sierra Match King bullet. Powder was 36 gr. N150. muzzlevelocity 1060 m/sec. I was not quit happy to use a match projectile to hunt, but I really have tryed veryhard to find a hunting projectile that could shoot accurately in the barrel. Not even the 70 gr. Ballistic Tipcould do it. So Dick Hatfield and my Danish gunsmith proposed me to use the 70 gr. Sierra Match King bullet,which goes wery accurately in the barrel, (under 10 mm. groups at 100 m.) so thats why my rounds are loaded upwith 70 gr. Sierra Match King bullet, and why they are in my pocket right now. So in the meantime when we aredriving, I can tell you that I have been doing a lot op training up to this roedeer season, both short range(under 150 m.) and long range (up to 325 m.) Why?,- because a lot of times I have gone home without the buck,because the range was too long,- and I do NOT want to wound the deer,- so I hold my fire. Therefore thisyear I have put a roedeer silhuette on a field, in a hedge, and so on, and fired my rounds from variosdistancees. But before I did that, I had made a ballistik table om my computer, to have in my pocket. I didthat because it can (for me) be impossible to remember all these detailed things when the buck standsat m. and "waiting for you" All the training was made very hunting relevant, because I justsat on my hunting chair with the rifle on the shooting sticks. I used of course the strap as well. Well,-I did quit well with the training, and I desired to shoot up to 300 m. on the real buck - if thereare not too much cross wind. Now I am already at the farm, I just waved "hello" to the farmer. Idrowed a little on the track behind the barn, before I stopped the car, where it could stand in the shade of atree.