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On account of this observation the author opted to recapitulate the fundamental care of preventing pressure sores among high risk individuals in a nursing home setting.

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Therefore, Providence Rest Nursing home is a well-established facility intending to serve all people with love. I enjoyed every moment I stayed at this home because of many reasons. I realized that every individual in the home was satisfied with the services received from all workers in the home. In fact, most people preferred never to go back to their family homes because of the tender care and service they receive from the home’s employee. I could go the residents to chat with them and ask them some questions concerning the quality of care they received. I also asked them to suggest some of the changes they needed in the home. Fortunately, every person I talked to, smiled and told me told me that everything was excellent. I remember one resident saying that those who handled them understood them well and they had no emotional discomfort. This place is a home for them and not just an institution. They do not know any other better place than Providence Rest Nursing home.

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The shortage of nurses could be a factor why males are entering the nursing field.

INTRODUCTION Of nursing home staff interviewed in 2004, nearly 40% admitted to committing at least one psychologically abusive act toward a resident and 10% admitted to physically abusing a resident in the preceding year.[1] Not only are nursing home residents at risk of being abused by their caretakers but they are also at risk of being restrained, which may lead to a form of abuse.

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A man by the name of Andrew Jameton defined moral distress in 1984 as “a phenomenon that arises when one knows the right thing to do, but institutional constraints make it nearly impossible to pursue the right course of action” (Nursing Forum, 2007)....

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The thesis statement of the Introduction functions in the same way as the controlling idea of the paragraph (see ). That is, it states the writer's perspective on the topic of the essay or assignment.

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Providence Rest Nursing home started humbly in 1921 and it was known as Little House of Divine Providence. It was a home for aging women in the state of New York a place called White Plains. Ever since that time, the home has grown and undergone through modifications to accommodate the rising needs of the society. Currently, Providence Rest Nursing home is located on an eight acres land, within a residential community in Country Club in the Bronx. The facility has two-hundred beds that serve both men and women. This home is owned by Sisters of St. John the Baptist and they are the ones who operate it diligently to offer services to clients with the aim of improving their quality of life (Providence Rest, 2008).

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Most introductions begin with an orientation in the form of a brief general statement that leads the reader into the topic showing how the specific topic relates to bigger issues or to the discipline field.

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive examination and explore the definitions and key elements of the concept of transition and show how gaining knowledge of transition can positively impact client care and the nursing profession.