Fast foods are high in sugar, fats, and starches.

Before it can be gone into detail about how fast food companies are to blame for people over eating their food, it first must be proven that fast food is indeed the main problem causing today's obesity in America.

So the questions stands, is America taking it too far by blaming fast food for the obesity rate.

This will help you serve it to your children with a lighter conscience and at the same time not depriving them of the popular fast food choices.

10 Facts Aboout Mcdonald’s Fast Food Restaurant You Should .

We choose to eat fast food which is causing us to gain weight and to become obese.

Who is responsible for the poor health of the overweight and those who
The McLawsuit: The Fast- Food Industry And Legal Accountability .

Fast Food: is it really to blame for obesity

The convenience of speedy service, cheap prices, and the appeal to families has been some of the major highlights of fast food restaurants over the years.

Fast Food: Is it Really The One to Blame For Obesity

MyPyramid will remain available to interested health professionals and nutrition educators in a special section of the new website.
As Americans are experiencing epidemic rates of overweight and obesity, the online resources and tools can empower people to make healthier food choices for themselves, their families, and their children.
The aim of the goal is to improve food security, conserve natural resources, and maintain sustainable practices.

Are Fast Food Restuarants to Blame for Obesity

In my research, I will explain the argument that who is to blame for the obesity in America: fast food restaurants or common laziness from the obese society....

Is fast food to blame for obesity

"Our bodies were never designed to cope with the very energy-dense foods consumed in the West and this is contributing to a major rise in obesity."Most experts maintain that the causes of obesity are complex.

Who Is To Blame For Obesity? - Essay by Aznjetsamboy

Aug 08, 2002 · Fast- food restaurants face legal grilling Lawyers explore whether the fast- food industry should be liable for the effect its meals and marketing have on.