Judges use these acts to judge cases and apply it in court.

A precedent is either a binding precedent, the reason for a decision of a higher court that must be followed by a court of lower status in the same hierarchy; or a persuasive precedent, meaning a reason for a decision of another court that is not binding, and should only be considered for its persuasive value....

This law of precedent (stare decisis) was founded hundreds of years ago as part of our common law.

This is the basis of judicial precedent and is called stare decisis-‘let the decision stand.’ After hearing a case, a judge presents his written judgement (case law) which sets out the facts of the case and legal principles used.

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(11) B) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the doctrine of precedent.

Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit."

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This allows the rules system to be consistent: like cases treated alike, and it is just, as people can decide on a course of conduct knowing what the legal consequences will be....

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Chief Justice John Mashall recognized he would be correct inordering Madison to deliver the papers but feared weakening the imageof the Court if President Jefferson refused to comply. InsteadMarshall ruled that the Judiciary Act of 1801, which Marbury had usedto submit his claim directly to the Court wa s unconstitional, and itwas. In this way the Court was able to rule a law unconstitutionaland thus created the important precedent of judicial review.

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The literal translation of stare decisis is "that like cases be decided alike." Precedents in law play a fundamental role in the judicial processes of Canada.

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The court ruled that Gibbon's federal license took precedence overthat of Ogden because the federal government was given the power toreglate interstate trade.

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