Pollution of the atmosphere is a stark example of this process.

Evaluation: Teachers evaluate student work all the time, particularly exams and homework. The difficulty in evaluation arises when judging multiple perspectives and varied problem-solving approaches, as one must be thoroughly familiar with content. At this level, students might be asked to problem-solve via debate, for example. At the evaluation level, one is able “to judge the work of others at any level of learning with regard to its accuracy, completeness, logic, and contribution” (White, 2007, p. 161). Rubrics help teachers to evaluate work, particularly for that involving application, analysis and synthesis.

If money is an important motivator or satisfier, being a leader has a built-in satisfaction.

In this article we have said much about the importance of ethical leadership and how it can be fostered and nourished. We do not say that ethical competence is a replacement for good business sense or wise political judgment. What we do say, however, is that business sense, if it is to be good, and political judgment, if it is to be wise, must be anchored in ethical leadership. Without that clear moral guidance we are on a ship plowing through dangerous waters without chart or compass. The stakes are now too high for such reckless adventurism. All of us are both passengers and crew responsible for each other. We know we can do that best and achieve the gold standard in outcome when our relationships are right.

In fact, it can lead to disaster.

Political tactics such as forming alliances and coalitions are a necessary part of a leader's role.

- Kindergarten Classrooms research papers delve into an example of an order placed for a proposal coming a public kindergarten classroom and a montessori kindergarten classroom.

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“You need more eyes to see, more brains to think, and more legs to act in order to accelerate.” It gives more people the latitude to initiate—the foundation for developing leaders.

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Knowledge has four necessary conditions: It must be justifiable, It must be true, It must be believable, and It must rules out counter-examples Thinking while attempting to find a model, i.e., to describe a domain of familiar objects behaving in familiar ways such that we can see how the phenomena to be explained would arise if they consisted of this sort of thing.

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Leadership is needed at all levels in an organization and can be practiced to some extent even by a person not assigned to a formal leadership position.

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The second element is the “positive values and behaviors you want every leader and employee to demonstrate in every interaction with team members and customers.” These have to be defined in terms so people have something concrete to measure themselves against.

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Satisfatction of Leaders: The type of satisfactions that you might obtain from being a formal leader depends on your particular leadership position.