McDonald's: McDonald's Introduction/History/CEO

Chapter Introduction
The McDonald’s coffee spill is the most famous consumer lawsuit in the world. Everyone knows about this case, and the details involved in it continue to be debated in many different venues—
classrooms, Web sites, blogs, law schools, and business schools. Regardless, it serves as one of the best platforms in the world for discussing what companies owe their consumer stakeholders and
what responsibilities consumers have for their own well-being. Over 20 years later, consumers, lawyers and analysts are still debating the world famous coffee spill case.
Keeping the topic hot is the 2011 documentary film, Hot Coffee, which analyzes the famous coffee spill, sets the facts straight, and highlights the ongoing debate about the impact of tort reform on
the U.S. judicial system. The film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and aired on HBO during June 2011. It won many awards.

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