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In succeeding years, the number of events diminished to an average of two or three per week. Although held its annual concert series there from 1982–91, the , with , performed a three-concert series in 1986, and began its annual Messiah performances there in 1987, rock concerts became the mainstay of Massey Hall’s bookings, which included concerts by pop performers, ethnic ensembles, school choirs and ensembles, and a variety of community-based events.

Published: Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Ghelawdewos Araia, PhD May 3, 2015
Dedicated to the 30 Ethiopians who were shot and beheaded by ISIS in Libya on April 19, 2015
While the overall general trend of history could be reasonably predicted, history itself often comes up with relatively unfathomable phenomena, and we humans are caught at the crossroads and thresholds and rather become helpless. This might sound ironic but it happened many times in history every time societies encountered quandaries and conundrums, as well as social calamities manifested in the form of Nazism, Fascism, Jihad etc. In the above context, thus, the new ex machina of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), would be one more surprise of history. Ex machina, is a positive attribute to a Godly appearance in religious tenets or a sudden appearance of a character in a drama that would provide solution to an insoluble difficult problem; it would be inappropriate to depict ISIS as ex machina in its literal sense, but I am using it only as “a sudden appearance of a phenomenon.” ISIS, far from providing solutions to problems, is in fact an international menace and global challenge. This menace should be combated and defeated.

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“These are tough times for our country, our movement, and our communities,” Gebre said. “But in the face of these challenges, I have hope of a brighter day, a stronger tomorrow and an America with liberty and justice for all. As executive vice president I pledge to do my part, lead with my heart and never stop fighting.”

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with fellow concert-goers towards the venue in the crisp February evening, I had a feeling that impression was about to change. The original hall was financed by Hart Massey of Massey-Ferguson, and presented as a gift to the people of Toronto. Many leaders and artists have shared its stage, from Winston Churchill to Canadian legend Neil Young, who notably recorded his acoustic album “Live at Massey Hall”; those songs collectively warmed by the fine acoustics of the performing space. Of the many times I’ve visited Toronto, I’d not had the pleasure of enjoying a show at Massey, however last week as luck would have it, my trip coincided with a decent gig on Monday Feb.

Massey Hall Revitalization Urban Toronto

Since the colonization of the Continent in the mid-19th century, Africa has always been marginalized.
The World Bank/IMF bailout for Asian countries was in excess of trillions of US dollars while
that of Africa was tiny and negligible. While the global response to Tsunami was tremendous, the thousands upon thousands of HIV/AIDS victims in Africa did not get the necessary attention. This New York Times editorial carefully and critically examines Africa's ordeal and challenges the developed
and prosperous nations to fulfill their obligations in Africa as well.