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I’ve.A Kinesthetic Mnemonic Device to help middle school students remember how to write an Argumentative Essay (North Carolina Writing Curriculum for 7th grade).Custom Writing Services Get the Results and Recognition You Deserve.

How to write using metaphors.A Mnemonic Device Can Be Used English Language Essay.

on the right side of the test interface)ype of Prompt (Argumentative or Informational)orm (letter, article, essay, etc.)udience (who is supposed to be the reader of this, according to the prompt?)laim or Controlling Idea (your main point in your essay)upport ParagraphsHere are a few of the mnemonic devices my class came up with:Pick one, or make your own!Here’s what the front page of a planning sheet can look like, using this method.

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N - note the .Discussion Essay, how to write it The mnemonic devices are systems of words that are useful in recalling the main points.