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In the 2000s Morgan Stanley began to adjust its approach. It tried to skew to a young demographic in the retail business while promoting its electronic capabilities, as evidenced by new advertising campaigns developed in 2000 by Leo Burnett that eschewed the "one investor at a time" tagline to center around a new tagline, "Well Connected." The implication was that Morgan Stanley combined electronic connectivity with the insider relationships of a well-established firm. Likewise an institutional campaign launched in 2001 relied on the tagline "Network the World."

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The global financial service firm Morgan Stanley experienced a decrease in profitability in recent years, mainly due to the financial crisis of 2008. Investors should

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to issue 2 billion shares of stock (valued at $0.01 per share) and report a gain of $23.4 billion (+2.6% from 2011) from paid-in capital (p. 139). Morgan Stanley was

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financing for its business and has a large amount of risk.
A third notable item from Morgan Stanleys balance sheet is that common stock and the paid-in capital accounts did not vary much from 2011 to 2012. The company was able

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NOTE: Since the initial writing of this essay Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co, shortened its name to Morgan Stanley. The essay continues to refer to the company's former name, as that was the official name of the organization when the campaign was launched.

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Using these figures to calculate the debt to assets ratio shows 91.1% for 2012 and 90.7% for 2011. This indicates that Morgan Stanley relies significantly on debt

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In 1999 the San Francisco ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners won the $90 million account of Discover Financial Services Inc. and its Discover credit card operation, which was owned by the investment bank Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. Although it was the fourth-leading credit-card brand—trailing only Visa, MasterCard, and American Express—and boasted the largest independent card network in the United States, the Discover credit card was regarded as an also-ran in the industry. Its primary competitive advantage over the years had been what was called the "Cashback Bonus." This program was the focal point of the company's marketing for more than a decade, as reflected in the tagline "It pays to Discover." As the Discover card tried to move beyond its one-note advertising pitch, Goodby dropped the tagline. Two years later, however, the agency brought back the venerable tagline and once again concentrated on the Cashback Bonus feature.