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Most importantly, you will encounter , which are the best way to motivate people around you and also educate them in bringing a positive change in the society.


Always remember these topics whenever you want to give a motivational speech.

Which is why, we've given a few speech topic ideas for preteens, teens, and college students.

The high school motivational speech is Joel Penton’s specialty. A former OSU Buckeye, Joel has turned his experiences on and off the football field into a moving and effective motivational speech for high school students. His decisions to make and keep his commitments, no matter the cost, have provided him with a powerful platform from which to make his words for teenagers.

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Here is a list of some interesting persuasive speech topics for school and college students.

Addressing an audience through motivational speeches is one of the most powerful ways to get your message across and also channelize the mind of your audience in the right direction.

Motivational Speech Topics: Why it Should be All About You

Principals and teachers tasked with selecting a speaker with an entertaining and effective speech for teenagers should look no further than Joel Penton. Through Joel’s speech, high school students will be equipped to live positively no matter what decisions they face.

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Our motivational speeches provide a rousing call to action. They are passionate entreaties to getting things done. Your audience will not only be listening, but they will be thinking what a great idea you have, and they will be wanting to know how they can go about doing whatever you suggest. Most of all, you will be able to tell them 'exactly'.

Sample Motivational Speech about Negative Emotions

Through Joel’s speech, high school students will be challenged to withstand peer pressure, to avoid drugs, to push forward even when things get tough. Joel’s motivational speech for teenagers addresses the primary concerns that today’s teens face, and he does this difficult task from a positive, rather than a negative, perspective. This fact makes him an excellent candidate for anyone seeking a premier motivational speech for high school students.

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Although there were many factors that contributed to the success of the speech, it was primarily King’s masterly use of different rhetorical instruments that encouraged Kennedy and his team to take further steps towards racial equality.