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Employment in business, industry, or government positions is increasingly requiring a broad background in the biological sciences. Opportunities for work in biology and agriculture are expected to grow as the increasing human population demands more food, fiber, wood products, health care, and environmental stewardship.

In natural sciences, one usually requires action in the form of experiments to justify knowledge.

The certificate makes students more competitive in the job market. Employment opportunities exist in international agribusiness, international scientific companies, import & export companies, freight forwarders, international marketing firms, teaching abroad, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinational companies.

Natural science is a branch of science ..

Natural science is the area of knowledge that is seeking for patterns.

Sociology students are required to write essays and attend lectures on theory, and this is a prominent way in which sociology is taught. Emphasis is not necessarily on research and the results of this research, but on ways of thinking. Science, however, is taught with the emphasis on research and experimentation. Sociology provokes thought and qualitative analysis of ideas and opinions. Science involves learning formulas, structures and laws. Whilst sociology too can teach these things, it does so only as a small part of the whole.

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Perhaps the question should be not 'can' sociologists study society in the same way that scientists study the natural world, but 'do all'. Marx and Durkheim, two of three founding fathers of sociology, studied the discipline as a science, as have many others. Hence sociologists can (evidence here is in that they have) studied society like scientists study the natural world. By that line of thinking, it is irrelevant that many have also studied it as something other than a science.

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Ridiculous of course, because this is twisting the question's intended interpretation. It's clear what it means to all that read it: "Look at natural science and how scientists study it, and do the same for sociologists and society. Look at the ways in which they study it, the methods they use, the theory the use. Then, using the research of sociologists to backup evidence and points, find out what similarities and differences there are. Ensure a rigid structure is kept throughout, with logical progression leading to a well thought out conclusion". But, as with sociology, science and life, it's a subjective interpretation because we are only human. Humans are inherently subjective.

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Almost half of our graduates continue with further study and research (either in Cambridge or at other universities) in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, infection and immunology, biotechnology, environmental management or nanotechnology. Natural Sciences prepares you well for the challenges of research, especially in emerging interdisciplinary areas.

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But sociology exists as a discipline which is not so restricted as the sciences. It can be both objective and subjective, as can the very nature of the 'thing' called society that it studies. To study it as a science is to take away half of its essence, as to is to study it as everything but a science.