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In the months following the publication of the Temporary Protection Regulation, some news media reported that the Ministry of Labor and the Interior Ministry were developing legislation intended to widen access to work permits for Syrian refugees. However, on August 7, 2015, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced that no such plan existed, and Turkey would not be granting refugees work permits under any general program. Unless Turkey issues regulations that allow Syrians to work legally and enjoy the protection of Turkish labor laws, refugee families will continue to struggle, and their children’s educations will be cut short.

It is the responsibility of nurses to follow the teaching process when providing patient education.

Bayan’s family cannot afford the bus fare or tuition for a temporary education center. Instead, her mother plans to register her for Quranic lessons at the local mosque. Ironically, if Bayan were allowed to register at the Turkish government school, she would face fewer integration obstacles than many of her Syrian peers, her mother explained: “Bayan speaks Turkish fluently because we are Turkmen; she would have a fine time at school [if they would let her attend].”

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Obstacles to teaching and learning are those that confront nurses in the educational process....

Overall, less than one-third of the 700,000 Syrian school-aged children who entered Turkey in the last four years are attending school—meaning approximately 485,000 remain unable to access education.

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For example, 20% of students in their final year of junior high school are over the average age of 16, a percentage which is double that of the non-REP schools.
Thus we can see that the social and structural problems existing in this area, which include poverty amongst immigrant families, high divorce rates and many single parent families, can be linked with the developmental deterioration of students evidenced by their failure at school.

Toward a resolution of these social and structural problems

In an effort to resolve these social and structural problems, the network of priority education has been expanded since 1999.

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A principal of the junior high school often becomes chairman of the commission, which is composed of principals, teachers, school doctors, nurses and social workers, educational administrators such as school district inspectors, and people representing the local administration office, the town hall, the police, the medical-psychological center, the social-urban development center, the public library, the public museum and some associations (e.g., non-profit organizations).

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The focus is on three main ideas; it begins by stating the most common reasons behind intentional plagiarism which are the poor time management of students, and the importance of achieving high grades....

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This report is the first of a three-part series addressing the urgent issue of access to education for Syrian refugee schoolchildren in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. The series will examine the various barriers preventing Syrian children from accessing education and call on host governments, international donors, and implementing partners to mitigate their impact in order to prevent a lost generation of Syrian children.