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When an eighth-grade class at Roosevelt Intermediate School tackled Chapter 4 of John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” one morning last week, the conversation focused on the loneliness of a minor white character known as Curley’s wife.

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The characters at the heart of the story, George and Lennie, work against all odds to earn enough money to build their dream – to own a place of their own, with alfalfa and rabbits. Their friendship sets them apart from the other men in the world of the book and fuels their aspirations, until the book’s violent conclusion.

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“Of Mice and Men” is one of the most taught books in American high schools. How could your school reach out to a school with a different population of students to try an experiment like this?

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As George points out to Slim, Lennie is not too bright, but he’s a “nice fella”. The character of Lennie is based on a with whom John Steinbeck worked alongside on a ranch, and who did, in fact, kill someone — a ranch foreman, not a woman. That man was placed in a mental hospital.