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On the other hand, Natalie Dessay benefits from her experience as an opera singer, always keeping the voice optimally under control and thereby realizing moods and sound colors precisely in favor of the atmosphere matching the respective song.

Pictures by the American painter Edward Hopper have motivated Natalie Dessay's selection of the songs presented on her new album: loneliness and melancholy determine the basic mood of the album, which, however, also brings joy to life.

Now Natalie Dessay takes on Verdi's for Santa Fe Opera.Photographed in Santa Fe by Sylvere.

Thanks to the excellent recording technique of this high-resolution download, also the smallest detail of the masterly presentation of the songs by Natalie Dessay on her album Pictures of America come into full effect.

01 - On a Clear Day (From "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever")
02 - I Feel Pretty (From "West Side Story")
03 - I'm a Fool to Want You
04 - Send in the Clowns (From "A Little Night Music")
05 - Detour Ahead
06 - Something's Coming (From "West Side Story")
07 - Autour de minuit
08 - I Keep Going Back to Joe's & My Solitude
09 - A Place That You Want to Call Home
10 - Two Lonely People
11 - There's No Business Like Show Business (From "Annie Get Your Gun")
12 - Ground Swell
13 - Girl at Sewing Machine
14 - Compartment C, Car 293
15 - Nighthawks
16 - South Carolina Morning
17 - House by the Railroad
18 - People in the Sun
19 - Roofs of Washington Square
20 - Adagio for Strings, Op.

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New York or Milan but at the Santa Fe Opera.Is Natalie Dessay Working for the Santa Fe Tourism Board?

Not much was heard this year from Natalie Dessay. The French soprano-actress had a run of opera cancellations and suffered the death of her manager, Herbert Breslin. In the early spring, she issued on Virgin Classics a recital of Debussy songs that I do not expect ever to hear bettered.

And she does crazy so well!” Emma Matthews

In the love duet, as elsewhere in the work, the orchestra is given stirringphrases that the voices either soar over or join, as in many of the matureoperas of Wagner and other composers of the time. There is also anattention-getting chromatic sequence (over a rapid descending line in the lowstrings) that represents the demands of the peasants in Acts 2 and 3 and thatseems directly inspired by Wagner’s Ring Cycle. The passage is introducedin the prelude to Act 2, and it gets reworked in fascinating ways, such as whenJeanne—no revolutionary herself—is singing about theuprising.

The music of France reflects a diverse array of styles

All in all, the recording and its accompanying book comprise a majorcontribution to our understanding of what a skillful and relatively successfulwork could be like in the world of French opera during the era of the youngishDebussy. La Jacquerie would, I wager, hold the stage very well today.(The recording was made during a concert performance at Montpellier in southernFrance.) . I certainly will now be on the lookout for other works by ArthurCoquard. And I await eagerly the next offerings in the Palazzetto’s“Opéra français” series. It occurs to me that theinherent problems of singing French correctly and sensitively may have workedagainst many fine French operas that deserve a hearing at least as muchas—or perhaps in some cases even more than—certain more familiarItalian works by Boito, Cilea, Giordano, Ponchielli, or Zandonai. All praise tothe Palazzetto for bringing these works back to life in such an admirablefashion, and for providing, in the accompanying books, materials that can helpa listener today see what we have been missing all along!

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The main performance programme of the Abu Dhabi Festival opens on Sunday with an intimate recital of classic French songs by opera stars Natalie Dessay and Laurent Naouri.