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In this report i will talk about the different types of volunteering in the: • public sector • private sector • third sector volunteering is important in the public sector because it helps the public services save money other than the military as the military reservists get paid but it is still voluntary.

Some people are given chances to do community service when they need to pay off fines for tickets.

In the old days, most volunteer recruitment appeals were delivered in face-to-face meetings where you had a bit of time and space to fully describe why volunteering was a good idea. These days you're probably limited to a quick explanation, most often through a static media such as a newspaper announcement or a Web site, where space is at a premium and you need to make a good quick first impression

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In addition volunteer work enables others to make contacts with people in their chosen career.

The sad news is that an amused reader is unlikely to call up and insist that you probably don't really mean what you wrote, but is more likely to conclude volunteering for an agency that stupid probably isn't what they want to do with their time.

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The whole point of a recruitment message is to make the potential volunteer contact the agency for a further discussion. This means that the message should be aimed at getting the prospective volunteer to visualize themselves successfully becoming a volunteer.

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The only qualification required is your desire to help someone in need. You don't need any medical skills; you don't even need a college degree; you don't even need to know what to say. All you need to do is sign up for our hospice volunteer training session beginning on February 17 at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital for an all-day session which then continues for 4 evening sessions in the following two weeks.

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Seattle Mental Health Institute, a progressive community mental health center on Capitol Hill, with a $4 million budget, is seeking to fill three (3) positions on its Board of Directors. Individuals with varying backgrounds in business who are interested in a volunteer leadership position in the community are encouraged to apply. For applications, write Shobha Hathiramani, Admin. Secretary, Seattle Mental Health Institute, 1600 E. Olive St, Seattle, WA 98122.

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