Peter the Great rose to make a change in Russian history.

Although, much of the foundation of his reforms were laid before he took the throne, Peter changed the infrastructure of Russian society, improved the army, and started a thorough process of Westernization, not the least of which concerned the style of dress he expected....

Petersburg And Peter the Great Russia, the country; St.

Once the students seem to get the principle, they can go on to answer additional questions about the ways absolute monarchs gained greater autonomy over their subjects. Some responses might be:

Peter the Great is a man who put his country before himself.

Petersburg, the city; and Peter the Great, the Tsar; what an awesome combination.

Fashion played a pivotal role in the rise to power for absolute rulers. Through adornment, rulers were able to both exemplify and demand power over the world that already questioned their influence. Fashion helped rulers, then, make their domains influential to the broad scope of other European nations to assert their power. In this essay, I will present two case studies: Louis XVI, the Sun King, of France and Peter the Great of Russia. These two leaders had a lot to overcome; however, they implemented fashion in their territories to reinforce their political authority domestically and on the grander scale of the whole continent.

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Louis XIV and Peter the Great arguably achieved the most of ..

The greatest question is what motivated Peter to take such drastic measures in revamping Russia to be a westernized state. Clearly, the main goal was to make Russia stand out to its European counterparts as a country worthy of financial and military interaction with other possible allies. Peter’s assertion of fashion in the wake of his rule had a slightly different motive than Louis’ did. Much of it was about military dominance and becoming a world power through leading by example. This can be seen in Peter’s obsession for shipbuilding. He believed that military advanced tactics and technology behind shipbuilding would make Russia as powerful as their western counterparts.

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Nonetheless, Peter the Great took major steps in reshaping the image of Russia in the eyes of western culture. He published a book of manners and etiquette. He regulated the interaction between the opposite sexes and he even set up clothing and hygiene requirements. An excerpt from Jean Rousset de Missy work, Life of Peter the Great (1730) discusses these regulations.