316) there is a cold, dark, lifeless planet.

The expedition to Mars would require the crew to endure a six month journey to the planet, a year of living on the planet, and a six months journey back to Earth.

These essays explain how topics affect each other and how they are interdependent.

I like to play with gender in my writing. It's only an extension of my real life where gender has little meaning. I might have more trouble identifying with a person of another race than I do with a person of the other gender.

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Such planets follow most expectations of being a possible proxy to Earth.

The news galvanized the world. Other writers immediately recognized that if there really were a civilization on Mars, it could be anything; Lowell's version was only one guess. Quickly other Martian fictions appeared in all the leading industrial nations, and many had a major impact. In Germany Kurd Lasswitz's ''Two Planets'' (1897) sold several hundred thousand copies, and clubs formed to discuss it. Lasswitz described a Martian technological utopia, enjoying great domestic comfort through advances in food production, transport, urban planning and space travel. Young men like Wernher von Braun and Willy Ley were greatly impressed, so much so that they later became rocket scientists. It could even be said that it was Lowell's imagination that got us to the moon by 1969.

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Female domination, like any other kind of sexuality, is a game played mostly in the mind. It’s the relationship – everything else is expression.

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What came after could be called Mars's dry era. Writers still wrote about the planet, and they still included aliens, but they were reduced by the new theory to postulating creatures like sentient tumbleweed or telepathic lichen beds. Arthur C. Clarke's ''Sands of Mars'' is a good example of this, and Philip K. Dick's ''Martian Time-Slip'' uses the desiccated Mars as another version of the 20th century's spiritual wasteland.

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These very findings were also part of what stimulated planetary scientists like Carl Sagan to begin discussing terraforming: altering a planet until it could support an Earthlike biosphere. As these first terraforming theorists pointed out, Mars would be the perfect candidate for the process. We could start a new Earth.

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A flood of Mars terraforming novels soon followed, mine among them. Combining Viking's data with terraforming theory created an imaginative space as rich as that of Lowell's Mars, or richer, because with the aliens finally gone, the story became so clearly about us. Humanity on a rocky planet, trying to tend a biosphere. It was not only possible but necessary to consider wilderness, sustainability, ecology, economics, social justice, utopia -- in short, all the things novels should talk about, and all laid out with marvelous clarity on the clean slate of Mars. It was a lucky time to be writing science fiction.