It is no plastic surgery for teenagers.

As the same as the cosmetic surgeries there are a lot kinds of reconstructive surgeries, but the most common ones are; Blepharoplasty (reshape the appearance of the lower and upper eyelids), Ptotic Breast (consist in the reshape of one side of the breast), Mastopexy, Burn Contracture, Clef Lip And Palate (the reconstructing of the soft pallet and the upper lip), Congenital Hand, Craniosynostosis (the reshape of the cranial structure), Lump In The Neck (is a tumor located on the neck)...

Some people’s obsession with plastic surgery is obviously getting out of control.

The two reasons why plastic surgery should be banned are because of its high health risks, and because of the additional pressure it puts on people to look picture-perfect....

So, plastic surgery is only good for people over age 18.

Low self esteem has led some teens in choosing plastic surgery as a boost for confidence.

Plastic surgery can be life changing. A plastic surgeon can help remove disfiguring scars in an adult, help a baby overcome birth defects and make patients feel much better about their own lives. If you are about to undergo plastic surgery in Scottsdale, it helps to be aware what you should know before the procedure […]

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Billions of dollars are spent every year on these types of procedures The oldest type of plastic surgery is reconstructive, it developed out of need to treat wounded soldiers during wartimes and help them recover after.

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Ned Hallowell, a child psychiatrist, clearly supports the writers thesis by saying, on ABC news, that Plastic Surgery to avoid bullying and peer pressure is a bad idea “The idea of someone getting plastic surgery to avoid bullying seems to me as crazy and worrisome as if a black person were to go to a doctor and say, 'I want to become white to avoid racism” she continues, “The problem is clearly with the phenomenon of bullying”.

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Plastic surgery is becoming a way for people to escape there insecurities, but is that the main reason why cosmetic procedures have been increasing in popularity over the years.

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Desires to meet the idealisms of media representations are often so consuming that people demand plastic surgery despite all of its associated risks and controversies.

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Because self-improvement has always been sought after, plastic surgery is an inevitable development of society that should not be frowned upon as it has evolved into a luxury that benefits the economy, despite popular opinion that our culture has become negatively obsessed with outward appearances....