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When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation.” – Atifete Jahjaga -- They are the everyday heroes that many people often take for granted until a pivotal moment of tragedy or madness enters into their lives.

A police officer, or any other powerful authority can abuse the power that they have.

Corruption, generally defined as abuse of authority for private gain, is among the world’s oldest practices and a fundamental cause of intrastate conflict, providing a focal point for many social groups’ grievances against governments (Bayley & Perito).Corruption has become an epidemic in policing, and is impeding community policing....

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Society grants members of law enforcement enormous power over citizens to enable the police to keep the peace and to preserve social order. They are granted a great deal of freedom to use their judgment regarding which laws to enforce, when and against whom. This wide range of options and authority can lead to the abuse of their power. Some police officers come to see themselves not as simply enforcers of the law, but as the law itself. Every abuser frequently reminds his victim that it is within his power to deprive her of her physical safety, security, privacy, freedom and life if and when he chooses. Most abusers, however, are not able to enlist the help of the criminal justice system to carry out their threats. Batterers within law enforcement are. Officers tell their victim, "Call the police. Who are they going to believe?" There is great systemic resistance against prosecuting an officer. If a victim decides to file a criminal complaint, she will have to present an extremely compelling story to the police and state's attorney to counter their reluctance to pursue the complaint. She will have to be able to convey that, in addition to common forms of abuse, the abuser exploited his professional status and power to control and to terrorize her. Advocates working with these victims must be knowledgeable not only about the general dynamics of domestic violence but also about and the workings of the criminal justice system. Working with victims of officer-involved domestic violence has made us acutely aware that the standard remedies are often inadequate and may even leave the victim more vulnerable. We need to on many different levels. Because this issue is so complex, we need to educate ourselves and other community providers before we can hope to adequately serve this special population.

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Personal: Some officers cannot separate their career life from their personal life. They "eat, live, die" police work. Their identity is defined by their uniform. Any conflicts in their personal life are seen as a challenge to their dominance, authority, power, or control over the other person and the situation. He views everything in a black and white perspective. It is either wrong or right. There are no gray areas, leaving no room for the victim to voice her opinion or position.

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The problems posed by the illegal exercise of police power, which is an ongoing reality for individuals of a disfavored race, class, or sexual preference.

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The articles moreover needed to include a suitable designed study and/or a suitable designed literature review in relevance to excessive force and the abuse of police authority.

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Personal: Although officers are only permitted to access these files in official investigations, some officers use the databases for personal reasons: "running a plate for a date" is not uncommon. Previous police reports, orders of protection, even victim-witness security information can be accessed. He may access a victim's financial, phone or employment records. The officer-abuser can use this information in countless ways to harass or harm the victim, her family or her friends.