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According to the American Psychoanalytic Association, psychoanalysis helps people understand themselves by exploring the impulses they often do not recognize because they are hidden in the unconscious. Today, psychoanalysis encompasses not only psychoanalytic therapy but also applied psychoanalysis (which applies psychoanalytic principles to real-world settings and situations) as well as neuro-psychoanalysis (which applied neuroscience to psychoanalytic topics such as dreams and repression).

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Also, it is not surprising that as a result of the lack of recognition of the existence of the patient's evolving selfobject needs, the concept of optimal frustration, as being essential to understanding the depth of the patient's trauma surrounding the emergence of these selfobject needs, has been denied. Replacement concepts (e.g., "optimal responsiveness") have been developed that shift the analyst's focus away from the patient's experience to an object-related focus to the analyst as provider (Bacal, 1985; Terman, 1988).2

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Although Wollheim (1974) is no doubt right to point out that Freud was implicitly aware that the artwork was the outcome of a (quite literally, art ) the implications of this were not fully developed into an explicit theoretical position. Indeed, Freud himself was aware that psychoanalysis was unable to tackle the problem of aesthetic value, but he was optimistic that eventually it would provide a coherent account. Chapter one concluded with the view that Freud's approach to art was limited by his own artistic preferences, his cultural milieu, and his personality. Indeed, much of the art that he selected for scrutiny perhaps tells us more about his own desire to elucidate clinical theory (for instance, his essay, 1910), and his personal struggles with fellow-analysts (for example, the essay, 1914).

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Crayton Rowe is the founder of the American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work. He is a founding member of ; and member of the International Psychoanalytical Association. He is a contributor to volumes in the Progress in Self Psychology series, the author of numerous psychoanalytic papers, and co-author of Empathic Attunement: The "Technique" of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. He is in private practice in New York City.

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Write an essay that lays out Freud’s model of the psychic personality, and explain how it accounts for the development of the super-ego. Why is Freud’s account of these matters so revolutionary?

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Another theorist associated with psychoanalysis is . Erikson expanded upon Freud's theories and stressed the importance of growth throughout the lifespan. Erikson's remains influential today in our understanding of human development.

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