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At the Quebec Summit, it was given the task of setting up a networking university (Université des réseaux d'expression française: UREF). This university, which has no actual physical location, seeks to link research resources and academics throughout the worldwide Francophone community. The AUF also administers the Secretariat of the Higher Education and Research Ministers' Conference (Conference des ministres francophones de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche: CONFEMER), which meets every two years. The AUF encompasses nearly 400 post-secondary institutions, institutes of higher learning and international conferences of deans and heads of university institutions, as well as more than 300 departments of French and Francophone studies.

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Canada has seven million citizens who speak, write, sing, work, and live in French. Nearly one million Francophones live across Canada in other provinces and territories, and all across the country Francophone communities are dynamic and teeming with culture and ideas. In addition, two million Canadians of various origins speak French as a second language. All of these Canadians share the use and love of the French language.

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Daniel Poliquin, In the Name of the Father: An Essay on Quebec nationalism (2001);

"Drunken Indian; lazy Indian; dumb Indian; useless Indian; humourless Indian; bullheaded Indian (Dokis 58-62; Clements 15-17, 34-37, 80)." She expresses these racial attitudes, historical injustices and their implications through Norval Morrieseau's life who suffered because of systemic racism; he was an Indian and he did not integrate into the "white" version of Canadian identity....

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La Francophonie grew internationally out of many non-governmental francophone associations, some of which date back 40 years. Most of them had a professional base, such as the International Association of French-speaking Parliamentarians, the Institute of Freedom of Expression in French, and the World Association of French-speaking Physicians. The wide diversity of fields in which these organizations are involved, coupled with the multitude of programs and activities initiated by them, adds a significant dimension that takes La Francophonie far beyond the government sector, making it even more dynamic.

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The international organizations of La Francophonie bring people together so they can discuss issues of common interest. They support co-operation between governments and between non-governmental associations. Because the majority of members of La Francophonie are developing nations, many activities are designed to encourage economic development (Hamilton 1994, 14).

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4. The Association of Mayors and Officials of Partly or Wholly French-speaking Capital Cities and Metropolises (Association internationale des maires et responsables des capitales et métropoles partiellement ou entièrement francophones: AIMF). AIMF is La Francophonie's operating agency for urban development, and includes more than 90 members in over 40 countries or entities. The goal of AIMF is to establish close cooperation in all areas of municipal activity, and has a number of tools available to carry out its projects, including the funds it receives from La Francophonie as an operating agency. Over the past few years, AIMF has focused its assistance on urban development, helping cities to modernize, and supporting education, training and cultural development. In Canada, Hull, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City are members of the association.