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This essay will mainly focus on the theme of cultural identity while reflecting on how my own experiences of learning have been shaped and changed my sense of identity....

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Okay so I’m really curious about how people of all races feel about this because I know that I am sometimes unsure of how to refer to someones physical/racial appearance. I’m currently writing an essay on racial prejudice in a novel where they refer to the African-Americans as black and I’m wondering if it’s okay to write that in my essay considering that it is used in the context of the book. Also, my view on racism is based around being discriminatory so if you were to call someone black without any hint of discrimination would the person feel offended? Is that racist to call someone black without a trace of discrimination?
I’m white so slightly clueless about how people of other ethnicity feel about this.

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Roediger and Painter are right to remind us that whiteness was built over centuries on a foundation of deceit and confusion and disguised political imperatives. But neither seems fully to grasp the ways in which this artificial category has, over the years, come haltingly to life. Yes, whiteness is a social construct, and not (as race scientists used to think) a biological essence—but then so, too, is every collective identity. It’s getting easier to talk about “white culture,” maybe even white politics, without knee-jerk sarcasm or, for that matter, knee-jerk sympathy. And it’s getting easier to imagine an American whiteness that is less exceptional, less dominant, less imperial, and more conspicuous, an ethnicity more like the others. In the Obama era—the Tea Party era—whiteness is easier to see than ever before, which means it’s less readily taken for granted. If invisibility is power, then whiteness is a little less powerful than it used to be.