Essay on Society, Religion and Ethnicity in Bangladesh

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Two interesting new, rather different developments in debate over theevidence for God's existence need to be observed. John Schellenberghas developed what may be called the “hiddenness of Godobjection.” Schellenberg argues that perfect love necessarilybelongs to any personal Divine being, and that such perfect loveentails openness to a personal relationship with the Divine being, arelationship that would require creatures to know or at least beaware of the Divine being. Schellenberg then contends that the factthat there are many nonbelievers in this God of love who would notresist God's disclosure (whether through religious experience orargument) is evidence against the existence of a personal Divinebeing. The Divine being or God would have been more evident (seeShellenberg 2007; for a reply, see Taliaferro 2009).

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Smart championed the thesis that there are genuine differences betweenreligious traditions. He therefore resisted seeing some coreexperience as capturing the essential identity of beingreligious. Under Smart's tutelage, there has been considerablegrowth in cross-cultural philosophy of religion. Wilfred CantwellSmith also did a great deal to improve the representation ofnon-Western religions and reflection.