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YOUR TASK: Writea review about a meal you have before next class. Use vivid adjectives andphrases to explain your dining experience. You may eat out, eat in, cookyourself, take out, order at the cafeteria, whatever. The only requirement isthat you follow the guidelines provided, and most of all, let us, yourSchreiber audience taste your meal, too, good or bad! If you are not diningout, substitute “service” for whoever is putting the meal together. Have funwith the assignment! For instance, if your sister is cooking, she’s your chef…

Try to make your restaurant dining experience fabulous with some valuable tips.

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7. Narrative: Avoid telling astory of your experience. If the goal is to allow the audience to feel as ifthey are experiencing the restaurant first-hand, just through your words, thereviewer should be as invisible as possible. Narrate a particular experienceonly if it is both crucial to the review, and an experience unique to aspecific incident not likely to be duplicated in your reader's experience.

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Jade Garden, China Palace, and Szechuan Panda 3610, 2445, and 3830 SW 13th St. Honestly, it's pretty hard to get excited about any of these places when you have such great restaurants as Bahn Thai and Sawamura in the same neighborhood. Nonetheless, if you're in the mood to eat Chinese, we'll give you the rundown. Szechuan Panda has O.K. food, a large exotic fish tank, and lots of rosewood furniture. Jade Garden is the best of the three and has just relocated to a new building that they probably are anxious to pay for. If you're thinking about trying China Palace, you'd be better off thinking about going to Szechuan Panda or Jade Garden. Consumer ethics alert: although it presents an even greater ethical challenge than eating veal, the Szechuan Panda is actually quite delicious (it tastes like chicken, only cuter).

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Other How does it compare to other similarrestaurants? Did you feel you got a good deal for the price? Would yourecommend it to a friend? Would it be good for some special occasion (kid'sbirthday party, romantic dinner, ...)? Is it a good place to go with a group?Are you somehow connected with the restaurant (owner, employee, relative ofowner)? (If you are connected with the restaurant, you must say so in yourreview.) Would you recommend making reservations?

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So on this article, my goal is to get the message across to restaurant owners or potential owners about what makes a lovely setting for diners.Be unique , From the dishes you serve to the bathroom services - think out of the field !